Sunday, 18 July 2010

Middle Ditch 47

Listen here:

Art And Agony

To Jim's surprise Joe reveals his part in solving an art heist case
and Susan's memory returns bigtime.

This episode features in order of appearance:

David Caddy as the Announcer
Ian Brinton as Joe
Keith Walton as Jim
Jeremy Drake as Farmer Drake
Sue Tarrant as Susan

Editing and sound effects by David Caddy
Written by X.Dell and directed by Sue Tarrant


Ruela said...

Thank you very much to all!

Best Wishes.

an average patriot said...

Something's rotten? That was the absolute best ever! Susan was great, I loved that!

Charles Gramlich said...

Got a kick out of the "Triangles" coming out of his head. Very effective bit of description there. Good stuff, as always.

foam said...

hahaha ..
great episode! kudos to all. and kudos to at first i thought .. did i hear right? ruela? but yes, i did .. lol .. nice touch.
everybody sounded really wonderful. and i especially enjoyed susan. loved it..

David Caddy said...

Many thanks for the wonderful script X.Dell. It has a great arc and beautiful balance. I think that Sue has done a great job as actress and director on this episode, ably supported by some fine actors. This is one of my favourite episodes.

thekingpin68 said...

Hello, Monique,

I just noticed thekingpin68 is now linked here.

I will add your link to my blog immediately.


X. Dell said...

Thanks Foam, David. It always amazes me how actors bring flesh and bone into words. I say they were all wonderful to listen to, especially Susan.

I enjoyed this episode, but am still looking forward to the next.

Middle Ditch said...

You are most welcome Ruela, your art inspired this episode combined with Susan's tale.

She was, Jim, when we were rehearsing my hair stood upright at the back of my neck when Sue read her lines.

They did, Charles. I hope that Ruela put this piece of art on his blog again with this episode that we sent him. I promise you it will be a humdinger.

Middle Ditch said...

Thanks Foam, kudos to X.Dell indeed. He wrote a great episode. And Ruela's art is so great that I'm pleased this was used so effectively in Susan's story.

It is one of my favourite episodes too David along with many others. Still more great ones to come though.

Thank you for linking thekingpin, I will visit you soon.

Middle Ditch said...

X.Dell, a script has to be good for actors to bring it to life and yours most certainly was. My cast may be amateurs but they are excellent amateurs to say the least. They know exactly how to read the script and they had a wonderful time with this one, I assure you. And yes, Sue was great and so was Keith, Ian and Jeremy. They bounced off each other so well. The drama was wonderful, played off against the comedy Jeremy, Keith and Ian represented.

Reader Wil said...

Thank you for playing these episodes. I listened to the last four of them, as I have been very busy. My Australian daughter had been here for a month with the family. We showed various landscapes to her Australian partner.
Thanks for the visit and comment on my blog. Yes the situation you described was even more frustrating. I made the sory partly up. Some facts were in a newspaper, but I made a story of them..

Beach Bum said...

I have to admit I don'y understand post modern stuff myself. Great episode!

ivan said...

Great charm.

...And I got an art education out of it.

But it is so British, so quirky indeed...They tell me here in Canada that I should move to the U.K., where eccentrics are more accepted. :)

Wonderful writing and acting out.

Congrats all.

fizzycat said...

Loved the comment about modern art, Sue was very good too.
Just spotted your comment on my blog, yes the potatoes were delish!
I missed last months Middleditch due to not being able to play it.It was the only one I have missed due to some glitch the media screen would not load.This month's episode played perfectly.
Well done.

fizzycat said...

Thanks now I have listened to episode 46 too, very good, Minton was hilarious.Glitch has vanished ( think it was computer playing up last month).
Cast great as always.

benjibopper said...

Great job, X.Dell et al. Did I hear this line right? "A fine bit of semi-idiotic trans-exit sensationalism." Love that Farmer Drake.

Hey, reference my blog next! (kidding)

X. Dell said...

Benjibopper, you heard correctly.

Monique, David, thanks for the wonderful opportunity. I've greatly enjoy your efforts for years now, but this was special. You guys also deserve credit, however, for some of the really neat gags ("clever girl").

jed said...

Thank you X.Dell. It was a good all round effort and came together very well. Keith and Ian seem to be very much at home playing Jim and Joe. Sue was great as Susan and the script was wonderfully quirky in the Middle Ditch tradition.

fizzycat said...

Lol that has happened to me too with Noushka! ( first time I had the sound on when blogging!)

MDAM said...

LOng time have passing true...And I really want contact again. I have start a new blog in a different form ...we had Contemplation together and before I called my self Fancy Sweden, I hope that you will visit my new blog.

Love Fancy

Pink said...

hahahaha. thats great MD! I sometimes feel like Joe with all the trans-idiodic art talk but that was a great show!!


MDAM said...

Thank you, and it is great to be back again...:)

Middle Ditch said...

Thank you for listening to the last four episodes Reader Wil. It must have been wonderful to have your family with you. They must enjoyed the visit. I will be over to see you as soon as I can.

Thank you for listening Beach Bum. X.Dell has written a great satire.

Middle Ditch said...

Thank you Ivan. We appreciate your comments. Yes there are plenty of eccentrics over here. Several of the characters in Middle Ditch are borderline eccentric and one in particular, Minton, is a definite. Is Joe one as well? Perhaps Middle Ditch 48 reveals more?

Middle Ditch said...

Hi Fizz, good to see you. Great that you could listen to the last two episodes. Those glitches can be so annoying. It happens to me too. I sometimes can't post comments on blogs and it is so frustrating.

Hi Benji, yes, it is a fine bit of 'semi-idiotic trans- exit sensationalism' and Farmer Drake is a really lovable character. You never know what Drake will be discovering online next. He seems to like following blogs!!

Middle Ditch said...

X. Dell we are all so pleased with the way this episode turned out. The script and acting combined to produce a special and fun episode. Thank you so much for your script and support over the years.

Yes, Jed, you are right the script is definitely in the quirky Middle Ditch tradition. It was great to see the joy and laughter in the rehearsal. Everyone had great satisfaction with this one.

Middle Ditch said...

Fizz it was a big shock to me.

MDAM great to see you again Fancy. You have been missed. Love your new blog.

Thank you Pink. great to see you again too. Pleased that you enjoyed the episode.

Devin said...

Wonderful episode as always!!!!

"a modern man living in a post-modern world" --I have often felt the same --and sometimes I don't think I was ever even modern!!!!
all the best in the world to all of you!!!!

X. Dell said...

Jed, Monique, bless you for the kind words and the tremendous effort you guys put into this. I loved how it turned out.

BernardL said...

Can't say I'm surprised Joe knew which missiles were being thrown.

David Caddy said...

Joe had quite a life in Sarf Londun. No wonder his ex through things at him!!

Ruela said...

MIDDLE DITCH 47 - Art And Agony
Video by Ruela


David Caddy
Ian Brinton
Keith Walton
Jeremy Drake
Sue Tarrant


"Neo - Artes"

David Caddy said...

A brilliant and creative video Ruela.
Thank you!

Middle Ditch said...

Yes, thank you Ruela, I love it!

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