Sunday, 8 August 2010

Middle Ditch 48

Listen here:

Sir John And His Muffin

When Jim and Joe interview Sir John about his disappearance he wants his muffin.

This episode features in order of appearance:

David Caddy as the Announcer
Keith Walton as Jim
Ian Brinton as Joe
Westrow Cooper as Sir John

Editing and sound effects by David Caddy
Written by Monique Caddy and directed by Jeremy Drake


thekingpin68 said...

Milkman? I don't think I have seen one of them since I was 10 years old.

I liked the milk when I lived in the UK, different than BC milk.

Milk and muffin...good snack.

Charles Gramlich said...

My 'muffin' is still sleeping this morning.

an average patriot said...

That is funny I guess that was a waste of their time.

Devin said...

Thanks for another fantastic episode of Middle Ditch!!!!
I have a suden hankering for baked goods after hearing this episode!!
all the best in the world to all of you!!!!

Beach Bum said...

We had real milkman come to my house as a kid, I even remember when the company went out of business. As a kid I freaked wondering how we would get mild from then on.

Great episode!

benjibopper said...

"sorry about Joe, he's from South London." classic.

Great little interrogation and miscommunications!

David Caddy said...

I enjoyed the simplicity of this script and the natural interaction between Jim and Joe. Westrow is good as Sir John bringing out the humour.

We still have a milk delivery three times a week.

BernardL said...

I hope the 'Muffin' receives better treatment in interrogation than Sir John did. :)

benjibopper said...

Hey Middle Ditch gang, technical question for ya: How can I embed audio clips into my blog as you do here? Does it require specific software?

Many thanks, BB

Middle Ditch said...

Still being delivered her kingpin. Milk and a muffin good snack indeed.

Hopefully your muffin has woken up by now Charles.

Yes Jim. It was a waste of their time. The muffin waylaid them a bit.

Middle Ditch said...

Thanks for listening Devin and enjoy the baked goodies.

The things we wonder about as a child Beach Bum. When I was a child we had a horse and cart delivering milk and one day they were gone and replaced by an electric delivery vehicle. I kept wondering what had happened to the horse.

Thanks benji, well, villagers are a little bit more politer than Londoners I guess.

Middle Ditch said...

Yes david. Westrow is very good as Sir John. He has that fantastic hesitating voice. A excellent addition to the cast.

I should hope so too BernardL but with Joe being one of the interrogators I am not exactly holding my breath.

I'm not too sure about the embedding and I will let David answer that question tomorrow Benji.

David Caddy said...

Hi Benji, you need to upload your mp3 audio clip to a file sharing host and that site will allow you to file share and embed on your blog. Just copy the code in the embed section and then post. Options appear immediately after you upload to the file hosting site.

Ruela said...

Wonderful episode!

I'm working on Susan anime character, almost donne...

benjibopper said...

Thanks David. Any file sharing host you'd recommend?

ivan said...

a mild touch of Monty Python?

Chekhov's Uncle Vanya in his lassitude?

Quest for muffin?


Lying down? :)

David Caddy said...

Hi Benji, I use and have been pleased with the user-friendly service.

benjibopper said...

Thanks David! Much appreciated.

Ruela said...

MIDDLE DITCH 47 - Art And Agony
Video by Ruela


David Caddy
Ian Brinton
Keith Walton
Jeremy Drake
Sue Tarrant


Ruela said...

"Neo - Artes"

Middle Ditch said...

Ivan, you are just so clever! Thanks!

Ruela, a masterpiece! I absolutely love it.

cham06 said...

hehe well done Gov'....excellent!

X. Dell said...

I should have recognized the "Who's on First" bit earlier. Very clever. Seems Sir J.'s not the only one nibbling on his Muffin. There's also that familiar voice.

Good to see some of the old bawdiness returning to MD.

X. Dell said...

Just saw Ruela's animation. Fantastic!!! He even caught the off-hand reference to our friend /t.

Middle Ditch said...

Thanks Cham06 and X.Dell, it's a good thing too Sir John is unaware that someone else likes his muffin. Unfortunately he might just remember who that voice belongs to and as for Ruela's animation ..... I absolutely love it and could not resist putting it here too! Yes he put a lot of references in it and little Emma waving at us from Greece is just awesome.

jed said...

Another good episode. Jim and Joe are so natural together now. They spar off each other very well. Westrow is very good as Sir John. 'Excellent, my dear boy'.

Middle Ditch said...

Hi Jed, yes I totally agree with you. "Excellent my boy" indeed, after answering the question "how are you?" as he is laying in the hospital bed like a bag of bones.

foam said...

ah haha ha ha!!! ... :) loved this episode!!
muffins can be hard to keep up with. i hardly ever know where my muffin (of the studly kind) is either ...
and now i want a muffin .. of the food kind ..

Middle Ditch said...

Studly kind of muffin eh? I saw on your blog that you used the exact same word. How funny!

foam said...

it's called a stud muffin .. :)
i thought it was funny that we both had "muffins" in our posts.

Middle Ditch said...

Wonderful coincidence Foam. May it happen again sometime in the future.

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