Sunday, 21 February 2010

Middle Ditch 42

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The Business Proposal

Minton returns late to Lady Annabel's from Westminster
and receives a business proposal from an unlikely source.

This episode features in order of appearance

Monique Caddy as the Announcer
Rowena Kitchen as Lady Annabel
Brian Hinton M.B.E. as Randolph Minton M.P.
Freddie Fox as Ed-Boy

Written, produced and directed by David Caddy


an average patriot said...

That's a good one, good job! Services rendered hmm! I still want to know how much? Funny, once again I have this perpetual grin on my face.

fizzycat said...

Very intriguing, the deal. The snoring was hilarious!

jed said...

Ed-Boy is certainly growing up fast and planning for his future. Who knows where he will go and what he will do with Minton's money behind him? In the old days, I am sure Minton would claim Ed-Boy's work
as a Parliamentary or Constituency expense under Entertainment expenses. In fact, he would claimed it twice! Now it would just be a Constituency expense.

X. Dell said...

(1) I like the juxtaposition of Freddie's understated approach and Sir Brian's over-the-top brashness. There's a certain give and take in that.

(2) Ed Boy seems to know about a lot of things. Sex trading in lil' ol' Middle Ditch? Interesting.

Somehow, though, I get the feeling that he might dig something up about Cassidy.

Devin said...

Another great episode!!
"Remember you work for me now":-)
I agree with patriot, fizzycat, jed and also think Xdell is onto something !! time will tell -
hugs to the whole cast and thanks again for bringing these hilarious escapades to us!!

Starfish Woman said...

Another fabulous episode! immensely entertaining. Congratulations all.

David Caddy said...

Minton will probably do anything to keep his position. I am sure that he would consider fiddling his expenses as a perk for low pay and service to the country. He'll paying Ed-Boy off any way he can.

I also enjoyed the counterpoint between Brian's and Freddie's playing
and the way that Lady Annabel was so unflustered.

Middle Ditch said...

Hey Jim, I would like to know too! Who knows, we might find out in a future episode how much Minton is willing to pay. Keep that grin on your face and thanks for listening.

Yes Fizz, the snoring sounds hilarious. Trust Brian to do a good job. I'll be over to yours soon.

Middle Ditch said...

Jed, Ed-Boy is growing up fast and attempting to move upwards socially and economically by whatever means he can. I think that's why Minton and Annabel like him.

Thanks for commenting.

Middle Ditch said...

Hi X.Dell, great to see you here again. Apologies for not having been at yours recently. I have been very busy.

Yes, the juxtaposition gives the episode more depth.

Ed-Boy has been an eager student and observer of the local night life noting the influx of East European women especially.

Joe and Ed-Boy have their noses to the ground all right and who knows what they might find. Joe is like a terrier and doesn't let go easily. Ed-Boy is on the make.

Yes Devin, time will indeed tell. Part of the cast is coming today for a recording session and I will pass on your message and maybe hug them for you.

Thank you both so much for visiting and listening.

Middle Ditch said...

Starfish Woman, thank you for visiting and listening. we are working hard trying to keep the episodes entertaining and quirky. We don't want to be predictable. I will visit your blog soon.

Hey David, good to see you here. Good writing and directing on this episode.

Knowing Minton he will keep Ed-Boy dangling with promises but how long will Ed-Boy be prepared to wait. He seems to be in a hurry to move on.

Rowena does a great job as Lady Annabel.

an average patriot said...

Monique I'm telling you, I have it back just reading this, Thank You guys!

Middle Ditch said...

Jim, I can see that huge grin. LOL and :-D

I enjoyed your post too!

Beach Bum said...

"...half the shadow cabinet is in therapy..."

Actually that would not be a bad idea for our congressmen and women but I'm afraid any reputable doctor would lock the bunch up.

Minton better watch out about Ed-boy, he could get the better of him.

TomCat said...

Hi Monique

I'm rushing through to let you know that I've moved Politics Plus to

You're in the new blogroll there. Would you please update me in yours?

school for the girls said...


This is a good one

Greetings from Kenya

Rick said...

You're definitely keeping things quirky! And the snoring was hilarious. I'm with fizzycat on that.

Middle Ditch said...

Hey Beach Bum, half the Shadow Cabinet at one point had to do pilates and other modish fads, David has just extended the idea a little. It would take several therapists to sort Minton out!!!

No such Doctors here I'm afraid. Our bunch are a bunch of liars as well!!

Oh yes, watch out for Ed-Boy!!

Middle Ditch said...

Hi Tom Cat, Done.

School for the Girls, great to see you again. I'll visit you soon.

Hey Rick, Brian did a brilliant improvisation. He managed to get a dog in there somehow as well!!!

Reader Wil said...

Ed-Boy plays very well and the beauty sleep of Randy is very amusing for he is the loudest snorer I've ever heard!

Reader Wil said...

Oh Monique you asked if it was me in the picture: no I took the photos of the last post and of the slide. Therefore you only see my sister and my brother-in-law.

thekingpin68 said...

Politicians needing shock.

Middle Ditch said...

Oh I know, Reader Wil, we roared with laughter when we recorded his snoring. I am happy to say, it is edited out, but it was so funny. And I must say that you and your sister are very alike. And, yes, Freddie does an ace performance.

Indeed not, thekingpin, no shock.

BernardL said...

Information trading, heh... I'm looking forward to Ed-boy's contributions.

C.J.Duffy said...

The chap snoring sounds like a Walrus waking from a dream of sharks.
I do like the way that you signal a 'scene change' with a jingle!

Middle Ditch said...

Ah, BernardL, Ed-Boy now knows for certain that it was Minton who was walking away, carrying a sedated Sir John in the middle of the night. Will he inform Jim?

Even I don't know that for certain yet. Perhaps our listeners could advise me on the matter.

Will he? Or wont he?

Middle Ditch said...

Hey C.J. I do like that new profile picture of yours. Very studious. We don't like a scene change too often though. As MD episodes are very short, it is usually advisable to stay in one environment. BUT, Rowena's excellent Christmas Special demanded to go to and fro in time and it was then when we first used a jingle. And we quite liked it, so we used it again in this episode.

ivan said...

Hi Monique,

Durn. Our systems are incompatible. I am deaf and dumb.

But thank you so much for your gracious comments on my play.

Middle Ditch said...

I'm sure that you are not deaf or dumb Ivan. Certainly not dumb. I enjoyed reading your script immensely. The first script blog I have seen since I set up mine. Keep going.

goatman said...

This may be right up your line: .
Just passing this on . . . someone sent it to me.

Middle Ditch said...

Thank you so much goatman. I had a look and seriously consider entering.

foam said...

wow!! just listened to the last 3 episodes in one sitting. makes for a great series of events. ed boy, lady annabel and randy certainly play off each other well.

Middle Ditch said...

Sometimes it is the best thing to do Foam, to listen to several episodes in one sitting. Even though I wrote most of them, I often go to older posts and listen to a few, just to get a taste again of what is happening and to listen to the different voices.

Great to see you and yes, they play their parts to a T.

thekingpin68 said...

'Indeed not, thekingpin, no shock.'

Having studied a bit of psychology, it is also said the those in the field also often seek therapists as well.

Happy Weekend and I hope you like my new posts.:)



satire and theology

Middle Ditch said...

I'm not surprised kingpin, coming across all those head cases would put anybody .... No, let's not finish that sentence. I had a lovely weekend, thank you. Your name is Russ? I understand that you are also on facebook? Look me up. And now I'm on my way to read your post.

Heff said...

138 followers ? Damn, You're movin' up in the world !

TomCat said...

Hi Monique. Sent you a tile. ;-)

Middle Ditch said...

On Facebook Heff, but still, they are followers.

Thanks Tom, most appreciated.

Reader Wil said...

Hi Monique! I also like to see the series of Bergerac all over again. I read that John Nettles retired from Midsummer Murders! That's a pity.

Middle Ditch said...

Hi Wil, Bergerac is ordered. I can't wait to see the episodes again. I didn't know that John Nettles is retiring from Midsummer Murders, another series I love to watch. This is indeed a shame.

thekingpin68 said...

Hi Monique,

I sent you a Facebook message.

God bless,


Middle Ditch said...

Thanks thekingpin, I will certainly have a look soon. First, though, very necessary visits to blog friends I have not been to for a long time.

benjibopper said...

Ed-boy's a clever one - more so than his MP I dare say. Careful Randy!

Middle Ditch said...

Oh yes, Benji, Ed-Boy is clever alright. We will hopefully hear more about him and what he is up to.

jed said...

It will be interesting to see which one gets the better of the other one.
My money's on Minton but who knows!

Middle Ditch said...

My money is on Ed-Boy, Jed, but we'll see. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Always much appreciated.

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