Sunday, 26 September 2010

Middle Ditch 50

Listen here:

Brides R'Us

Anna is not amused when Drake takes his prospective mail order
bride, Svetlana, to the Whistling Chimney.

This episode features in order of appearance

David Caddy as the Announcer
Jeremy Drake as Farmer Drake
David Caddy as Howard
Svetlana Savrasova as Svetlana
Sorani Mkandawire as Anna

Editing and sound effects by David Caddy
Written by Jeremy Drake and David Caddy
Directed by Jeremy Drake


Charles Gramlich said...

From Russia with love and jealousy.

wendy said...

Ahaha HOward i never knew you had it in you!!!!! Very it..!

an average patriot said...

I actually found that funny and by far the most entertaining yet.

You know how I say I always sit here with a smile on my face listening to it?

Today was no exception and I realized it was over listening not seeing and using my imagination. Very good!

Beach Bum said...

Howard is going to Greece to blackmail someone? Never a smart idea and throw in it being a foreign country he is really asking for trouble. Svetlana is a riot! Looking to hear more from her.

Middle Ditch said...

Thank you for commenting Charles. Yes, Anna is not amused by Drake's prospective mail order bride. She tries her best to put Svetlana off Middle Ditch.

Middle Ditch said...

Howard is clearly relaxing when Barbara is out of earshot and likes women with long legs!! Thank you for commenting Wendy. I am so pleased that you loved the episode!

Middle Ditch said...

An average patriot, I am so pleased that you enjoyed that episode and found it entertaining. Yes, I can see them all the pub too!!

Middle Ditch said...

Beach Bum, Howard will have to be careful 'out there' in Greece. Yes, Svetlana is a great addition to the cast and you will hearing more from her very soon.

Marilyn Brant said...

LOL!! Always wonderful to hear another episode of Middle Ditch ;). Thanks for the fun this morning!

jed said...

The episode was a joy to write and perform. I am glad that people are enjoying the fun. Thank you all for your comments.

thekingpin68 said...

'...mail order bride, Svetlana...'

I am not at that point...yet.:)

Sounds interesting and dangerous.

Reader Wil said...

Svetlana has a charming accent, just as my guide had, when I was in Moskow in 1987 at a Women's Conference for Peace. That was a great time!

KB said...

Haven't visited for soooo long but happy to see you are still doing what you do best :)

Middle Ditch said...

Marilyn, thank you for listening and commenting. I am so pleased that you had fun!

Middle Ditch said...

Jed, thank you and David for writing and overseeing this episode. It is a joy to listen to!

Middle Ditch said...

thekingpin68 there are many mail order brides in this area, especially from Russia and Thailand. Hearing Polish or Russian spoken in the the villages and towns of north Dorset is no longer a rarity. It is interesting and dangerous!! I am sure that Drake thinks that he knows what he is doing!! We'll see what happens!

Middle Ditch said...

Reader Wil, Svetlana is a good actress and brings a colourful voice to the cast. She used to broadcast on Radio Moscow and we are thrilled that she has joined the cast. She has a charming accent!

Middle Ditch said...

KB, it is wonderful to see you here. Thank you for listening and commenting. Yes, we are still having fun here!

benjibopper said...

Fine writing. (Tick) Great acting. (Tick) The plot just gets thicker and thicker. (Tick)

Great job.

Middle Ditch said...

Thanks Benji, (tick)

ivan said...


I certainly agree with "an average patriot."

Yes, funny and by far the most entertaining yet. Svetlana is a believable and Slavically colourful.


Maybe if she were Chinese, she would say chak, or chop.
The odd asservativeness of newcomers. They're all around me here in Nemarket, Ontario.
Act and not react. Not quite the way of the last couple of generations of immigrants here.
Assertive, right off the boat.
But our Svetlana is so perfectly drawn. I can just see her. Nice work.

And you're really good at plots and subplots. The plot thickens!
I can see this done on TV.

Очень хорошо, Svetlana!

And congratulations to all.

David Caddy said...

I am so pleased that people have found this episode funny and entertaining. Jed, Sorani and Svetlana are all excellent. Yes, Howard seems to be letting himself go a bit when away from Barbara!! I look forward to following Drake and Svetlana's progress in Middle Ditch.

thekingpin68 said...

'thekingpin68 there are many mail order brides in this area, especially from Russia and Thailand.'

I have received so many Eastern Euro and African scammer script emails over the years, I actually did posts on the subject on satire on theology in the past.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.

X. Dell said...

I like the new character here. Although I sense a distance between her and Drake, I can see a character like svetlana causing a lot of delicious trouble (tick).

Is it my imagination, or are the episodes getting more and more interesting? I'm thinking that MD is hitting its stride here. Keep it coming. Excellent script and direction.

Middle Ditch said...

thekingpin68, I am fed up with those scam emails too!
There are sadly vulnerable and gullible people that can be sucked into them. By and large our local Russian and Thai brides around here seem to have settled for good. The polish immigrants tend to come and go much more as their domestic economy picks up and ours falters.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Middle Ditch said...

X.Dell, I am so pleased that you found the episode entertaining and like the new character. Thank you for commenting. We will be following her progress in forthcoming episodes. She is so well played by Svetlana and adds authentic colour to each episode. I hope that you enjoy today's new episode!!

foam said...

so lucas has a nice arse? lol ..

Middle Ditch said...

Oh yes, Foam, Lucas has a nice arse:)

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