Sunday, 29 November 2009

Middle Ditch 39

Listen here:

In The Attic

Joe upsets Minton during the search for the missing Sir John.
Lady Annabel makes an horrific discovery.

This episode features in order of appearance:

Sorani Mkandawire as the Announcer
Brian Hinton M.B.E. as Randolph Minton M.P.
Rowena Kitchen as Lady Annabel
Keith Walton as Jim
Ian Brinton as Joe

Sound effects and editing by Helen Hardy and David Caddy
Written by Monique Caddy and directed by Sorani Mkandawire


Anne Lyken-Garner said...

Oh, come on, You can't leave it there. What did they find???
Another great episode. 'Randy's' voice and emotions are as excellent as usual.

Middle Ditch said...

Hi Anne, sorry, this is where we leave it. We'll find out in another episode what is found. Probably sometime next year because we will post the Christmas Special on the twentieth of December. And that one is a corker, written by Rowena.

Thank you so much for your loyal support.

BernardL said...

The screams were an eye opener. Interesting four poster investigation. :)

an average patriot said...

I can't stop smiling again, I just love it, I guess we are waiting for the next on, great!

Middle Ditch said...

Even I was startled, BernardL, when Randy began to scream and that four poster, well, it is a huge attic in a huge mansion.

The next one, Jim, will be the Christmas special and I hope to see you here then.

Meanwhile I will visit you both soon.

Thank you both for your lovely support.

Beach Bum said...

At work and had to listen to the episode twice. Cliffhanger endings tear me up, can't wait to find out what was discovered.

an average patriot said...

Excellent, you will Monique!

Middle Ditch said...

Cliffhanger endings are great, Beach Bum. They are great to write. You will find out sometime next year what or who was in that trunk.

Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment.

I'll be there soon Jim.

Also we have found a better host. I love watching the graphics whilst listening.

fizzycat said...

Ooh what is it, oh no will have to wait!
Great spider scream. We have a false widow living in the kitchen currently . I'm trying to photograph her before she is placed outside. Not picking that spider up.

jed said...

Good to hear Jim and Joe investigating Minton and Lady Annabel. Who knows what lies behind their bathroom panelling and what they found in the attic trunk?

Some fine all round work. Nicely interweaving.

The new player is much better. Great graphics.

Middle Ditch said...

Fizz, I don't blame you for not wanting to pick up that spider, but what exactly is a false widow? One of those big hairy things that suddenly scuttle across the floor?

In that case leave well alone. Looking forward to seeing the picture.

Thanks Jed. Yes I love this new set-up too. And what was found in the trunk? Well you have to wait.

Reader Wil said...

I admire Lady Annabel, for she stays so calm and ladylike.
Randy is a very emotional MP.
Thanks Monique for the visit. I remember that Sinterklaas song too, but like you I forgot the same sentence you did! May be we can google it?

Leigh Russell said...

Next year! Can't wait that long.

Rick said...

Oh no! Now we have to wait until the 20th for the next episode. Great ending, and I'll be back to find out what happens next. You guys just keep getting better and better.

Rick said...

PS, now I see what you mean about having your ending in mind when you start writing!

Middle Ditch said...

En draai de deur op slot. It came to me just after I logged out Reader Wil.

Yes, Annabel is a true lady whereas Randolph's emotions usually get the better of him.

Thank you for visiting Wil and for being so supportive.

The twentieth of this month, Leigh. The Middle Ditch Christmas special. I hope to see you then.

Middle Ditch said...

Thanks Rick, it's great seeing you and I will pass on this message to the cast. Yes, the ending is of the utmost importance for me. I know for most writers it is also the beginning and middle. I must admit that this is also the case for me. But the ending, yes, this is most important.

Thank you for visiting and commenting. Without all this support I probably would have given up ages ago. So this is also very important to me. Everybody's support.

Reader Wil said...

Thank you, Monique! You are absolutely right! Now I remember!

Middle Ditch said...

Glad to be of help Reader Wil

Charles Gramlich said...

Some Canoodling eh? That scream at the "spider web" jarred me in my seat.

Middle Ditch said...

Oh, he likes his canoodling alright, Charles, but somehow something always happens and he is not getting it. Poor Randy.

I also jumped when Brian screamed even though I was there when we edited the episode. Good scream.

Thank you so much for leaving a comment and for your support Charles.

David Caddy said...

Well directed, Sorani!

Oh yes, Minton's likes his canoodling and seems to know something about nurses uniforms! What an agile vocal performance, ably supported by a calm Lady Annabel. She's so unflustered!

Jim and Joe will surely be busy in Middle Ditch for months to come!

Ricardo said...

OK you have me hooked and waiting for the next installment. Don't you love leaving everyone hanging. I sure do.

fizzycat said...

Thanks for spider tip didn't mention it on last message on other blog.

Middle Ditch said...

Let us hope so David, We don't want to lose Jim and Jo.
They are a wonderful double act.

Hey Ricardo, isn't it lovely to leave it here? The best ending yet, I think.

You're welcome Fizz. I have conkers in every room and it seems to work.

Reader Wil said...

Thank you Monique, for your birthday wishes. It was a quite day,just as I liked it, as I felt a bit "grieperig".

David Caddy said...

Yes, Jim and Joe seem to be working as good cop / bad cop team rather than the Morse and Lewis approach.

Leigh Russell said...

We're still waiting....

X. Dell said...

Me thinks I'm picking up a bit more nuance from Sir Randy, especially in his discourse with Joe. But the chemistry between Brian and Rowena still shines through. Those two make me laugh every time.

I have to say I really like what Ian brings to that character. Whereas Jim is a voice of reason, Joe actually sounds authoritative, like an official, or a real cop.

Great cliffhanger, btw.

Middle Ditch said...

You are welcome Reader Wil, I hope that you feel a lot better.

Well, David, as long as Jim keeps Joe in check, they should work well together.

Two weeks to go, Leigh, and then we will post the Christmas special.

Middle Ditch said...

Joe seems to put everybody's back up, X.Dell and Jim seems to allow him to a certain extent until he puts things straight. It's a bit of a good cop/bad cop approach.

Mind you, lots of people living in this small village have plenty to hide and Joe seems to be hot on their trail.

Brian and Rowena are great when playing their characters. I seem to remember that Brian was unwell when we recorded this.

And Joe? Well he is an entire different kettle of fish, whereas Jim is the solid and reasonable cop.

Thank you for your support X.Dell. It is greatly appreciated.

Devin said...

Hey -I am so sorry I missed an episode and a fantastic one too!!
I must be losing my marbles -I thought I had heard them til I was caught up.
I can't wait for the Christmas special and further episodes!!
Love and hugs to all of you here-and I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season this year!!
I feel bad right now-there is a cold moggy bashing my screen door wanting to get in where it is warm (it's actually 37 F here right now-very cold indeed for Arizona:-)
and I just can't-I am afraid he will give my kitty something -I will throw him some cat treats (and a blanket:-) and hope for the best and feel guilty the rest of the day!!
all the best to all of you!!

Middle Ditch said...

Hey Devin, better late than never. I'm glad that you enjoyed this episode. The Christmas special will be posted on the twentieth of this month and I hope to see you then.

It's getting colder here too and I know all about cats who want to come in for warmth. I have to harden my heart as you have done. Otherwise I would have all the neighbour's cats come in, not just for warmth but for food too.

Thank you so much for your support Devin, it is greatly appreciated.

Ruela said...

Happy Xmas ;)

Middle Ditch said...

Happy Christmas to you too Ruela

thekingpin68 said...

That was quite the yell.

Merry Christmas!

Middle Ditch said...

Yes, Minton can yell thekingpin68. Thank you for visiting and a happy Christmas to you and yours.

Sun Follower said...

BRAVO!!!! Happy Christmas!

jed said...

Brian has a fine yell and can screech good too.

What a versatile voice artist he is!!

Middle Ditch said...

Thanks Sun Follower, merry Christmas to you too.

He is Jed. And, yes, he can scream. Merry Christmas.

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