Sunday, 30 September 2007

Middle Ditch 6

The Sack of Spuds and The Starfish

Alan is amorous and tries to get his way

This episode features in order of appearance

David Caddy as the Announcer
Paul Hart as Alan
Helen Hardy as Sarah

Written and directed by Monique Caddy


Pris said...

Hi Monique
I've listened to two of these now and they're absolutely wonderful! I'm so limited in my computer time, but Middle Ditch is one I want to come back to and hear more!!!

And yes, that was me in the bubble photo. Since I'm so housebound, I do a lot of self-portraits in graphics and haiga and have published quite a few of them now, to my pleasant surprise. And it's always a pleasure to help David whenever I can.

By the way, blogger is set up for feeds so people can subscribe. If you put a note in the sidebar telling people to subscribe in their Itunes or whatever RSS reader they use by opening their reader and typing in your URL they'll have your broadcasts taken to them and can listen to them on their IPODS.

Pris said...

I just worked up to this episode and it's a riot!!! I was rolling on the floor listening.

And thanks for your comment on click flicks. Isn't it exasperating? A couple of female friends and I have decided that we're going to find a way to grow temporary pe***es just those times when nobody will listen to a woman. That'll confuse 'em, eh??

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Monique
Thank you for visiting my blog. It was great to hear from you. I answered your query about my work there.
Excuse my ignorance - but what is a link?

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Monique,
I'm not sure why I deleted my comment. I think it was because I kept calling you Middle Ditch and then realised that's not the name you call yourself, but the title of the blog.... so I changed it. Yes, please do put me on your blog as a link. That would be excellent and very kind of you. When will the next episode of MD be posted?

Middle Ditch said...

Thank you all so much to leave a lovely comment. It is much appreciated. Yes Pris this is one of my favourite episodes too. My next favourite episode is episode 8. Thanks Leigh for keeping in touch. Good luck with your book.

Akasha Savage said...

I'm slowly working my way through your episodes...thought this one really funny. Carry on the good work!

Middle Ditch said...

Thank you Akasha, I will certainly try.

bigga said...

Hi Monique! To day it was easier to
found you. Thanks for your comments. Yeasterday we have a very lovely day here but to day it is cold.
All the best to you.

Monique said...

Bigga, I am so pleased to hear from you. It sounds to me that you are in great spirit.

reader Wil said...

Yea,yea Sarah is quite a clever lady!

Middle Ditch said...

Oh yes reader wil, the lady is very cunning

tykobrie said...

This was so funny! All those positions! It's lovely, because it is radio, you have to imagine what they are doing.

Monique said...

I enjoyed writing this one Tykobrie

Ricardo said...

These situations are why I avoid marriage. LOL!

Middle Ditch said...

Hey Ricardo, it's one of those things. isn't it?

MRMacrum said...

This so reminds me of sitting in my dad's office as a kid and listening to his reel to reel recordings of old radio serials. Of course nothing like this episode would have been heard. I am beginning to not like Sarah. Scheming Shrew comes to mind. Her husband is no prize either, and seems to be the typical clueless male. But well, it is only episode 6.

Got the names mixed up in previous comments - oh well. Raised on TV doncha know.

I followed your prompt and posted a follow up to my Drool Hung Stubbornly.

Middle Ditch said...

mrmacrum, I loved writing this episode. Both Helen and Paul are great.

I remember Helen saying, "Tv here we come, but I'm not doing THAT with Paul".

Great fun.

Devin said...

hahaha! the scissors! :-)

Middle Ditch said...

Devin, someone flagged this blog with this episode. Someone really thought that this was going too far. There are some silly people in this world.

boneman said...

best to stradle one leg (if partner is on tummy) and still, be gentle.
Stroke/massage towards heart firmly, away from heart in light, almost tickling touch.
A good oil is useful, but, some thirty years ago (oh, lord, has it been so long?) I found extra virgin oil to work just fine.
Showers off fine, later, but, mind yourself in the tub.
Slippery takes on a whole new dimension with oils involved!

Middle Ditch said...

Some solid advice Boneman. I keep it in mind. You never know who ends up in the bedroom with whom in an episode I might write.

David Caddy said...

I enjoyed listening to this episode again. It works well!

Middle Ditch said...

Thank you David

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